About Us

NOVA company was founded by Mr. Ahmet Şeref Yılmaz in 1988. Ever since the beginning, it has acted an important role in bathroom and kitchen Sanitaryware sector. Nova production started with lavatory siphons and toilet seats in a small workshop in Topçular. Today, all production continues in the 5500 m² state of the art factory located in Kırklareli, Vize.
Using the latest technologies of production and meeting the international standarts for Sanitaryware products, NOVA – with its about 200 employees – became the customer’s company of choice. Our production capacity of siphons, flush tanks and cistern mechanisms, toilet seats and other products in average is more than 750.000 pieces every month. NOVA products are being exported to more than 50 countries around the World.

Having celebrated its 30th birthday, NOVA has gone through a re-branding and embraced a new logo. With its new “Nova Plumbing Solutions” brand and logo, our company is aiming to further emphasise our traditional approach to sanitary ware sector. This approach could be considered as our mission: To solve the client’s problem by producing a durable product which is easy to assemble and to obtain 100% customer satisfaction.